Ambar (dark_anthem) wrote in my_fake_lj,


Natali poked her all over. "Are you still alive?" She giggled, and Sarah arose laughing histerically. She's ticklish. " Whats with all the laughing eh?"
Sarah took a breath, and turned to Natali. "You tickled me! you know how ticklish I am!" Sarah looked at Natali, and pounced on her. Sarah tickled her back, and trying to make her stop on the floor, with her arms, and legs flying, was breathless Natali.
With a smirk on her face natali spoke to sarah. "Dont make me hot for you again". Sarah just smiled.
"Im sorry! Am i just...too sexy?" She chuckled "Just kidding".
"You know you are!" said Natali. she laughed and blushed. She ran her hands up and down her breasts and stomach and whimped. "Every..damn..part of you.." Natali reached up and kissed Sarah. Sarah accepted.
"Why do you love me so much Natali..." Natali just stared at her...and smiled.
" your heart, your personality, your gentle kindness, you're purity, your innocence and yet you're such a bad girl, your beauty, what a great friend you many things.."

(more to come. just lazy to finish)
(if it sucks that bad i wont do more >>;)
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