Ambar (dark_anthem) wrote in my_fake_lj,

the point eye vew of the shallowness prep...i had fun doing this one.

dear diary,

like oh my god, i saw alot of gothy kids hanging out in the corner at lunch, like ewwww! they always wear black, and junk. They scare me to tell you the truth. they're all like, life is meaningless, and stupid shit like that, they should stop thinking so negative, and stop worshiping the devil. so, i think i might have a cance with bob! he SMILED at me today at school!!! i wondered if my make-up was ok when he saw me!!!
So there is this new girl in my algebra class. she is SOOOOOO ugly! big nose! braces!!?? AS IF! im staying clear of that fashionable reject for the rest of the school year.there should only be pretty people on earth!
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