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I was there.

It was my first night. They started me off on the exit door. It was my job to make sure no one walked out with the bars property. The band stared to play. Half the bar was converging on the dance floor. As I looked over to the bar I noticed someone climbing on stage. I started to walk over there then I realized it wasn't my job thats what the "Roamers" and "Rear men" were for. The next thing I knew gun shots were fired and the entire bar was heading for the door. And I happened to be the lucky one to be between them and the door. I made my way toward the stage on the way I grabbed a beer bottle out of the hand of a guy who was leaving. I made it within 15 feet of the guy and chucked the bottle at his head. It dazed him for a second, just enough time for one of my co-workers to tackle him. Somehow he managed to get up and he pointed the gun into the crowed and let off two rounds. Still making my way to the stage. I walked right up to the guy, his gun six inches from my face. Before he could blink I pulled off one of those moves you only see in the kung-fu movies. Now the gun was in my hand and he was whimpering something about how I broke his wrist. I hit the clip release and let it fall to the floor as I cleared the chamber and tossed the empty gun to one of my co-workers and then proceeded to dish out a 1-2-3 combo to the guys face. Screaming "This one's for you Dime Bag". The police tell me I broke his nose and jaw and shattered his ocipital and cheek bones. No charges were pressed. Self defense. The good news is my boss gave me a raise and a promotion. I'm the new head of vip relations. I'm assistant head of security, and personal body guard for any VIPs/Bands that come to the bar.
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