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Lllleets get ready to RUMBLE!

I was walking thru the parking lot after work when one of my co-workers flagged me down and told me about a house party that some of my co-workers where having that night. So after a quick shower and shave I was off. On the way there I noticed Jenna, one of our interns, walking down the street. I stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride. She said sure. On the way we swung by the corner store to get some B for the BYOB.

When we got to the party the place was packed with all my co-workers and a bunch of other people I didnt know. Me and Jenna found a spot on one of the couches. Did I mention Jenna is 36d-22-36. She was wearing a low-cut top that showed off her assets nicely. After about an hour or two, and a fifth later. Some guy neither one of us knew walked up to us. He looked strait down Jenna's top and said "Nice Tits". Without missing a beat Jenna smashed her shot glass into the guys temple. The guy staggered a bit and the next thing he felt was Jenna's left cross and his head bouncing off the coffee table. I notice the whole room staring at us. I see a couple of guys making a bee-line towards us. I asked Jenna if she wants to join me outside. On the way out Matt, a good friend of mine, offers me a shot of JD. I shout at him as we walk by "Take care of my light work for me will ya!?". The next thing I hear is the sound of a glass bottle being broke over someone's head. We make it to the porch. I turn and look, my friend is surrounded by 3 other guys. One of the guy's is wearing a red mask.

I grab Jenna by the arm. SHIT! We gotta help him. Jenna and I each grab a guy and we let Matt have the red masked man. The next thing I know the house party turns into a bar fight. During the brawl I see Jenna doing some mad Kung-Fu moves. I get Jenna and we both make a run for the car. I knew if we stayed the party patrol would arrive soon to hand out awards.

This entry is long enough...Stay tuned for the next episode, "The private party at my place" ;)
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