allaboutdabitch (allaboutdabitch) wrote in my_fake_lj,


Yea things went great at Jose's. He told me everything was going to be alright and how i should talk to the school counsler......He took me to buy ice cream and after that he said i could get a job and stay with him and his roomate....i am thinking of doing that..i mean its not illegal. Jose is so nice and caring.Someday i might come out and tell him, what is suspious is that why isnt he taken already????? TOmmrow i am gonna call him and ask him striaght out if he likes me because i like him. I think things are going to be getting better around here, after i move out. Besides my mom wont care, its just one "things" less to do, jose makes it seem as if the whole world is perfectly fine, he makes me feel special, and sometimes i think he is the ONE, the absoulute perfect ONE, he probably thinks i am stupid for saying these things especially to a screen you kno, but at least i have a plave to let it ALL out......


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